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Gooloos Launched Date set as the planned move to Matic Network comes earlier

Have you joined the Gooloos community yet? If you’re a gamer or you’re a new investor looking for a fun way to make money, Gooloos has a spot for you. Recently, Gooloos introduced an amazing opportunity to the crypto world. The platform will keep evolving, alongside the community, to become playfull and earn some passive income while at it. Additionally, having one of the cute characters (called gooloos) is like owning a rare NFT that you can collect, evolve, invest or trade! Here’s an update of what’s happening with the project:

Gooloos Launch Date

The launch date is set for Saturday, the 5th of June. Our team of experts will be live from Time Square at 5pm New York City Time. Again, this is a great opportunity to be among the first 10,000 people to own the best Gooloos and enjoy the benefits.

Move to Matic Chain

Gooloos was initially set to be launch on the Ethereum network. However, as has been observed, almost all NFT projects decide to move to launch on MATIC because of Ethereum’s insanely high gas fees. We’re not an exception. This decision also comes as a request from the Gooloos community that has been very interactive. We value your input.

Additionally, Gooloos had planned to eventually move to MATIC to introduce the metaverse game that would bring a whole new experience. So, this move to the MATIC chain is just coming a little earlier. The goal is to offer maximum fun and passive income opportunities at the least possible cost.

True Decentralization; Legit automation

Gooloos has implemented Chainlink VRF. Chainlink VRF will enable the platform to achieve a legit process of randomness without compromising the usability or security of the platform. You rest assured that there won’t be any manipulation of the outcomes of the games whatsoever.

Finally, the Gooloos team is very grateful for the community support that you have shown. There has been so much positive response from you. As we know, you make the project sustainable and it’s built for you. Let’s meet on Saturday and get this train moving. Start having fun sooner! Start earning passive income sooner!

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